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I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!

my friend jane has just pointed out to me that i have'nt updated my lj in a while so i'm dedicating this to her. Well not much has happened i just found out corey hill (one of CCHS's Alumni) killed himself i really did'nt know him but it's still sad he commited suicide which was a shock beause he really did'nt look like the kind of person to do that... it just goes to show that we need to pay close attention to our friends and family because they could be in pain and we may not even know it... well to those who read this pray for his family and remember life is to short to be sad smile and be nice to everyone because you don't know who's going through what and one smile can make all the differance in the world

Peace and love to you all


P.S RIP corey hill you will be missed
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