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cruel and unusual punishiment

well it's been A WHILE since i've updated but now that i have a computer with internet i'll start updating more anyway nuttin much going on i've been working at burger king for the last three weeks... and i've learned one thing men are DISGUSTING !!! i was forced to clean the men's bathroom and it was gross ! you'd think that with...now that i think about it there aren't that many boys working... but that doesn't matter it was still nasty on other matters i got my schedule for the year and i hate it they gave me a bunch of crap classes not to mention the same teacher who failed me and is the reason i have to take 4 MATH'S THIS YEAR !!!! ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGG i'm so pissed right now well i g2g i'm tired but thank God i don't have to work tomorrow


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